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Professional Crowning Services

Crown reduction and shaping

Crown reduction and shaping is performed in order to make the size of the tree smaller whilst retaining the aesthetic shape of the tree. Depending on the species of the tree this can be carried out at any point during the year. For certain species such as silver birch, walnut and maples it is best to avoid pruning during the early spring when sap is rising as they are prone to excessive bleeding. Whilst this does not usually harm the tree significantly, it is an unnecessary stress that is easily avoided by pruning earlier or later in the year.

Often the best time of year to prune most species of trees is during the dormant season of winter after the leaves have dropped and before the new growth begins again in the spring.

Crown reductions can be measured in a number of ways. More accurately they can be measured in metres from the branch tips i.e. an overall reduction of a canopy by up to 2m from branch tips. Reductions can also be measured in percentages, where the entire canopy is represented as 100%. A 25% crown reduction would therefore be reducing the size of the canopy by a quarter. This method of measurement, although slightly less accurate, is often easier to visualise from the ground where as a measurement of length is often difficult to gain an accurate perspective.

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I am delighted with the results. They look much better and the clearing up was very impressive. Both of my neighbours commented on what a good job you did. Claire

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