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Element Tree Care fully insured tree doctors​FULLY INSURED

leamington tree surgeons - fully insured

Element Tree Care carries £5Million Public Liability Insurance and £10Million Employers Liability Insurance.

Qualifed Tree Surgery in Arboriculture and Horticulture FdSc QUALIFIED

leamington tree surgeons - FdSc qualified

All management and senior workforce have a Foundation Degree qualification (FdSc) in Arboriculture and Horticulture.

Element Tree Care - Warwickshire Qualified Tree Doctors NPTC CERTIFIED ARBORISTS

leamington tree surgeons - NPTC certified arborists

Element Tree Care ensures all operators carry the relevant certificates of competency and have undergone NPTC training and assessments for each qualification.

Free quotations for all your tree servicesFREE ADVICE & QUOTATIONS

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Element Tree Care offers free advice to all customers. Written quotations are provided for all jobs and are also free of charge.

large section of an oak tree trunk turned into a bench

A sample of Element Tree Care`s Case Sudies of their work

Case Study 1.

Removal of a spruce tree in Warwick

Many spruce trees have suffered a decline in health over the last year or two. They are showing sparse canopies and dieback giving a brown appearance. On this occasion the tree being removed was not in decline. The roots of the tree had started to undermine the shed and buildings in neighbouring gardens and so the decision was made by the customer to remove it.

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Case Study 2.

A very tall eucalyptus tree needed to be removed in Leamington Spa

A eucalyptus tree growing 1.5m from the customer’s house needed to be removed. The tree was approximately 60ft tall with a stem diameter of 36inches. There was a conservatory beneath the tree in the neighbouring garden and the canopy of the tree extended over three different property roofs and gardens. The drop zone (area where branches can be free dropped or lowered) directly beneath the tree was an area approximately 2.5m x 2.5m.

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Case Study 3.

Large section of an oak tree turned into a wooden bench

In November 2012 we were asked to make a bench out of a large section of oak stem that the client had kept. The bench was to be placed in the client’s garden once created.

The section of oak was approximately 10ft long and 3.5ft in diameter at its widest. It is estimated that the tree was 250 years old.

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