Removal of conifer trees to reinstate an old tennis court - Hunningham

This job was to remove a large number of conifer trees that had originally been planted by the previous owner of the house as a hedge surrounding some tennis courts. Over the years the hedge had not been maintained and had been left to grow into 50-60ft conifer trees. The tennis court had become unusable and grass had completely grown over them. The new owners wanted to reinstate the tennis courts and over time renew a hedgerow that could be managed and maintained. To do this we needed to remove all of the conifer trees to ground level.

Because so many trees were being removed, it was vital to make sure that we completed the work was carried out outside of bird nesting season to ensure that no birds were disturbed in the process of the work. Although it is not illegal to carry out tree work during the nesting season it is a legal offence to disturb any nesting birds as a result of the work

We were able to gain access into the job site via a paddock at the rear of the site. Using a tracked chipper and a tractor and trailer we were able to process the trees and extract the timber much easier. All of the woodchip was also remaining on site which meant that we could chip straight onto the ground.

The trees were removed by a combination of straight felling, or when the trees could not be felled, a climber would access the trees and remove them section by section.

The job took 2 days to complete with 6 workers on site each day. There was a total of 6 tractor trailer loads of timber that were removed from site. The woodchip was recycled around the garden and the timber was used by a local camping site to fuel outdoor stoves. The customers plans to reinstate the tennis courts will now take place over the coming years.