The removal of a Eucalyptus Tree

We are often faced with challenges when it comes to carrying out tree work in an urban environment. Whether from buildings, conservatories, greenhouses, power lines, busy roads, traffic or pedestrians.

This particular job was a eucalyptus tree growing 1.5m from the customer’s house. The tree was approximately 60ft tall with a stem diameter of 36inches. There was a conservatory beneath the tree in the neighbouring garden and the canopy of the tree extended over three different property roofs and gardens. The drop zone (area where branches can be free dropped or lowered) directly beneath the tree was an area approximately 2.5m x 2.5m.

The only way to remove the tree safely without causing damage, and utilising the limited space to lower the branches was to use a Cherry Picker or MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform). Narrow access meant that the only option was to get the machine through the narrow gateway and into the courtyard of the neighbouring property.

The machine we use has a 14m height reach and a 7m outreach. It is also small enough to fit through a standard gateway. Once through the gateway the machine could be set up in the courtyard and the tree removal could begin.

The branches and timber were lowered to the ground using a rope and pulley rigging system. From there the ground staff could then safely detach the branches and deliver them to the chipper-operator positioned at the front of the work site.

By using a cherry picker, both operator and groundstaff have ultimate control when it comes to removing and lowering the branches and timber. This is particularly important when working in such close proximity to infrastructure and within such a limited work zone to deal with. By using a cherry picker we can ensure the safety of both the client and workforce and also reduce any risk of accidents.

Once the tree had been removed to ground level and all of the timber and arisings had been removed from site, it was then time to grind the stump out as the client wanted to pave over the area. Using a pedestrian machine the stump was ground to a depth of 12" below ground level. The site was left tidy and the job was complete. The removal of the tree to ground level including chipping all branches and removing all timber from site took 1 day. The stump grinding was carried out the following day and the process took 2 hours to complete.